Now lets tell you what our sponsors and donors receive!!!

Urban Bass Angler Title Sponsors Get Adrenaline Pumped Leads

  • Provide professional representation for your company on and off the water
  • Participate in bass fishing tournaments, events, or other trade shows on the behalf of your company throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Participate in other bass related promotional events for your company in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Provide sales coverage of your products to your target market and at the Mid-Atlantic bait & tackle stores.
  • Recruit new sales and pro staff members from the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Purchase your products to ensure brand loyalty.
  • Generate new sales leads for your company directly from to your home page.
  • Add your company’s product videos to high traffic areas on
  • Facilitate sales growth by linking directly to your product pages from
  • Release informative articles about your newest products on
  • Promote your brand on his Facebook page
  • Discuss your products on his Twitter feed
  • Show your products in action through his YouTube video channel ( UrbanBassAngler )
  • Capitalize on 10 years of Internet marketing experience to drive organic traffic through search engines.
  • Offer Paid Advertisement Opportunities ( No Sponsorship Required ) on
  • Assist your company in the area of product development.
  • Give your company valuable feedback on unreleased product ideas and prototypes.
  • Provide mobile advertising impressions in the Mid-Atlantic region via your logo on his tow vehicle.
  • Increase your companies brand awareness by promoting your logo via his bass boat on Mid-Atlantic waters.
  • Mention your companies name on stage at FLW and B.A.S.S. events.
  • Acknowledge your company’s products on stage at FLW and B.A.S.S. events.
  • Display your logo on his bass fishing jersey.  

UBA Sponsor FAQs

  1. Is Sponsorship expensive? Not at all, there are opportunities for small, medium, and larger amounts of tax-deductible Title Sponsor donations that can be made. 
  2. How much will this cost me or my company? Minimum Donation is $25 with no cap on large donations to allow for FLW Tour Entry. (32k for 7 events Nationally Televised and covered)
  3. What events can I Title Sponsor in 2018? All Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Division FLW Events, TH Marine Series, Costa Series, Bass Elite Series, Potomac Teams, Fishers of Men Series, and wherever you want me to Strike!
  4. How do I know if an UBA Sponsorship is right for my company? There isn't a Company that Urban Bass Angler isn't right for.
  5. How long will the Sponsorship last? 12 month contracts are available
  6. How do I make this donation tax-deductible? Urban Bass Anglers will make this process simple and easy for your accounting to process your deduction. 

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